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Come fare la bagna per torte

Some cakes require to be moist with some syrup, otherwise they would be too dry. The syrup is usually made with a few base ingredients which are common to most recipes, then other ingredients are added depending on the recipe of the cake.

You can prepare even more than you actually need and store it in a glass bottle for a few weeks, preferably in the dark (not if it contains milk).


Base ingredients:

  • Half liter water
  • 120-150 gr sugar (it depends on how sweet you want it)


How to do the syrup base:

Boil water with the sugar until it melts: be careful, water must not evaporate, the syrup should be liquid and not too thick.  

Alcoholic syrup

To realize an alcoholic syrup (not suitable for children), just add some of your favorite liquor to base ingredients. Rhum is good for cocoa sponge cake, Amaretto is good with cocoa or cakes which contain orange. 

Non alcoholic syrup

For children or those who don't love liquor, you can use milk (with some cocoa, why not?), fruit juices you like or even tea infuse.

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