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English Trifle with Bonjoy


40 g ladyfingers (Bonjoy mini classics)

40 g ladyfingers (Bonjoy mini with cocoa)

600 ml milk

100 ml cream

120 g egg yolks

50 g flour

100 g sugar

1 cod

100 g dark chocolate

Bitter cocoa powder to taste

Alchermes to taste


First, prepare the custard.

Heat in a small pan 400 ml of milk together with the cream and the seeds of a vanilla bean. 

In a bowl, mix the egg yolks with sugar and flour. Dilute with a few tablespoons of warm milk and pour into the saucepan with the milk. 

Cook over a slow flame until the cream thickens. 

Remove from heat and transfer divided into two different bowls. In a bowl add the chopped dark chocolate. 

Stir to melt the chocolate with the same heat as the cream. Cover the bowls with the classic pastry cream and the chocolate cream with contact film and let cool. 

Start composing the glasses. 

Soak the Bonjoy mini ladyfingers in the remaining milk and place on the basis of each glass. 

Pour a layer of white custard. Now, soak the classic Bonjoy Savoy biscuits in the alchermes and cover them with chocolate cream. 

Continue alternating layers until you reach the surface of the glass. 

Finish with a sprinkling of cocoa and serve!


Recipe by Michela Scopece author of @dolciecoccoledimiki