How to replace ingredients

How nice is cooking for our friends? A lot, isn’t it? There are a lot of studies that confirm that it’s good also for daily mood (yours and your friends’). Everyone of us have different tastes or possibly even intolerances. Here a few tips to help you replacing a few ingredients:

Replacing butter

It might be a good idea with two good consequences: your dessert will be lighter and it will be perfect for those who are lactose intolerant or vegans, who don’t admit animal derivates in their diet.

Rule is simple: you have to remember that 100 gr of butter correspond to 80 ml of vegetal oil.

Chemical yeast alternative

If you want to stop using chemical yeast and say goodbye to polyphosphates and emulsifiers, you can use one of these alternatives:

-          Sodium bicarbonate (mineral)

-          Cream of tartar (residual of grape processing)

-          Ammonium bicarbonate (good for cakes which are not moist)

Keep following us for many other tips and thanks to Cher Daniele Paralovo!