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Pistachio cream Tiramisu with no eggs


- 400 gr mascarpone 
- 200 gr pistachio cream  
- coffee to taste 
- Savoiardi BiHappy (or classics) by Forno Bonomi
- pistachio nuts for decorating  


Mix the mascarpone with the pistachio cream with the electric whips until the mixture becomes homogeneous. 

Once the mascarpone and pistachio cream is prepared, begin to assemble starting from a layer of cream on the bottom of the dish and distribute well. 

Then soak the ladyfingers in the coffee for a few moments and form another layer. Repeat this procedure one more time and make a final layer of cream. 

Once the cream has been properly leveled, sprinkle the surface with pistachio nuts.  

P.S.: For this recipe were used the Savoiardi BiHappy, ladyfingers with cocoa, but, alternatively, can also be used the classic Savoiardi. In this case, we recommend adding a few drops of chocolate between the layers of tiramisu!


Recipe by Alessia Meucci