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Red fruits Delice - Recipe

A sweet, perfect idea for Valentine’s Day: just a few genuine ingredients to create an impressive dessert made for surprise. We suggest you just one version of the dessert, but you can change it as you prefer: change fruit type or use your grandma’s custard recipe.




1 Forno Bonomi Tortafrolla


125 gr of red fruits puree
5 gr gelatine
25 ml water 


4 egg yolks
100 gr sugar
30 gr flour
500 ml fresh milk
non treated lemon zest

Fruit to decor


How to:

Let gelatine soften in 25 ml water. Heat fruit puree on low flame and mix it with the gelatine, stirring everything well until it will be smooth. Put the jelly in a silicone mould: if you don’t have it you can use a dessert plate or something of the right dimension. Let it cold until it will be firm.

 Make the custard: heat the milk in a pan with lemon zest (be careful not to make it boil). In another small pan mix yolks and sugar and then add gradually flour: pay attention to lumps, you don’t want to be there. Keep the pan on low flame, add warm milk to the egg mix and keep stirring: make simmer a few minutes until the custard thickens. Once ready, make it cool and cover it with food quality film to avoid the custard to crack on top.

Put the Tortafrolla on a nice plate. When the custard is cold, spread it on the base keeping away from the edges. Put the jelly on top and decorate with fresh fruit. 

Extra tip: this dessert will be even more delicious if you prepare it in advance: with the custard humidity the base will soften and it will be easier to cut. You don’t like the crispy base? Change it and use a Sponge Cake base!