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3 tips to make desserts like a pro


Today Chef Daniele Paralovo will give us a few tips to turn your desserts in high pastry creations, like real pros!

A perfect custard

Use maize starch instead of flour to thicken your custard. Mix it well in a pan on the flame and let it reach 84°: food thermometers are easy to find and are quite cheap. Once the temperature is reached, lay the custard on a pan to let it cool.

Color the dough

Coloured cakes might be scenic and fun! Coloured cakes might be scenic and fun! To colour the dough just use a spoon of cocoa to regulate the tone given by the food coloring (it darkens it a little bit) and just a few drops of vinegar to keep colors vivid and bright.

Golden Cookies outside and soft inside

Secret is in the steam: put a drippin-pan at the bottom of the oven and pour on it a half glass of water. The steam will maintain the dough moist inside, while outside your cookies will be golden and crispy.


See you with next tips!

Daniele Paralovo