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Since 2001, Forno Bonomi has achieved certification of its quality system through the Certiquality certification body. In 2003 we upgraded our company system to the new 2008 version of the ISO 9001 standard. Since 2006, we have also obtained certification with international standards from IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC – GFSI (Global Standards for Food Safety). Since 2010 we are also certified for our Organic Products (first of all our Ladyfingers), after strict controls on our production lines. In 2014, we also added Halal certification which safeguards people of the Islamic faith.

Production lines

The company has five production lines,

all designed in-house, of which three are dedicated to the production of Savoiardi, one is dedicated to Sfogliatine and Mini Sfoglie, and one is a multi-purpose line for the production of Amaretti, Basi Millefoglie, Biscotti Frollini and Tortafrolla.

The entire production cycle happens in a completely automated manner, from the storage of raw materials to the dosages of mixtures, and from the packaging to the packing and palletizing. Production exceeds 65 tonnes of finished product.

All products are carefully checked

The plant is equipped with an in-house laboratory with qualified technical staff who carry out careful checks and analyses during all phases of the production process from the receipt of raw materials to the actual point of production, and to the finished product.

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