Lavender-scented Millefeuille


Recipe by Luisa Ambrosini, author of @tacchiepentole


1 Pack

Puff pastry Layers Forno Bonomi

150 g

whipping cream

200 ml

Fresh cream

50 g

condensed milk

100 g

75% dark chocolate

1 Tablespoon

dried lavender

1/2 Teaspoon

vanilla extract

to taste

berries of your choice to decorate

to taste

powdered sugar

Recipe Procedure


First, chop the dark chocolate with a knife. Heat the cream in a saucepan with the lavender flowers: filter the mixture and sprinkle the previously chopped dark chocolate.


Stir vigorously so that the chocolate melts completely. Whip the remaining cream. In half a dose of whipped cream combine condensed milk and vanilla extract. Add the remaining part to the chocolate ganache.


Transfer the two creams obtained inside two sac-à-poche and refrigerate until used. Cut the puff pastry into circles (or rectangles) according to the shape you want to give to the millefeuille.


Place a disc of puff pastry on a plate. Alternately, cover the puff pastry forming many tufts with the sac-à-poche. Place another sheet followed by other tufts of cream. Lay the last layer of pastry on top and complete with the cream.


Decorate with wild berries and dried lavender flowers. Serve immediately.