Our mountains

Our mountains


In the mid-1800s we opened our first bakery, in Velo Veronese. Velo is a small village in the heart of Lessinia, 1000 meters above the sea level and 30 km from Verona. It counts less then one thousands citizens, yet it is the heart of touristic life in Lessinia.

(Photos by Davide Sandrini)

Years passed and we evolved: Bonomi has become a modern company. Our establishment lays in Roverè Veronese, a village slightly bigger than Velo, 940 meters above sea level. Surrounded by green and hills, from which you can see the whole pianura veronese, Forno Bonomi is one of the main businesses of Lessinia’s community.


We are very fond of our mountains: we are surrounded by green and clean air, which value our ingredients and our passion. Lessinia can gift us with magic glimpses at any time. Cute roes deers and elusive chamoises live there.

(Photos by Gaetano Pimazzoni)


Paved pathes lead to discover little villages and quarters that worth to be visited even just to be out of the city and breath clean mountain air.

(Photos by Mara Panato)

And don’t forget to step in Malga to eat gnocchi and try our Tiramisù with our Ladyfingers!


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