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Interview with the photographer: @davidesandriniph


We meet Davide Sandrini, a photographer we alread met for our project #Lessiniagram. We immediately loved his spectacular photos, so we wanted to ask him some questions to know him better.

Introduce yourself and tell us something about you.

I started looking through the viewfinder in 2014, pictureing cities and villages during the magic moment of the day called Blue or Golden Hour. Give me some subtle lights and a silent city and – to me – magic is done!

What’s your favorite place in Lessinia?

Velo Veronese and Giazza, for sure.

How did you get close to photography?

Passion for photography has always been there, latent and shy. But it really exploded the day I took a vintage camera in my hands and brought it with me for the first time on Moher Cliffs in Ireland.

What should have a photo to be special?

To me photos are an outlet to express my vision and style: composition, color, contrast and a sky that reigns on earth. I like talking about “painting my canvas”.


Meet Davide on his Social profiles:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/davidesandriniph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidesandriniph