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3 tips to handle eggs


Eggsare wonderful ingredients, but they are also pretty insidious to handle. Chef Daniele Paralovo of Federazione Italiana Cuochi gave us a few tips to use perfectly eggs in your kitchen.

1) Preserve eggs

Keep them in the fridge in their original package, possibly not in the egg-holding spot in the door. You’ll avoid continue temperature changes.

2) Beat egg whites firmly

Just add a pinch of cream of tartar: they will be soft but firm.

3) Pasteurize eggs

If your recipe wants raw eggs in the preparation and you’re not so trusty about it, just pasteurize eggs with a simple procedure.

Beat 3 eggs with 75 gr of sugar. In the meantime, prepare 75 gr of sugar with 25 gr of water in a pot and let melt and boil until 121° C.

Pour the hot melted sugar on the eggs keeping beating them to mix all well. The hotness of the syrup will pasteurize the eggs.


Daniele Paralovo