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4 cooking tips that make your life easier!


Knowing the right “trick” in the kitchen can really make a difference, not only because it improves the result, but also because it saves time and money.

In this article, the food bloggers of Apro la dispensa e cucino have revealed 4 little secrets that will surprise you.


TIPS #1 – The Perfect Apple Pie


Here is Luisa’s trick for a perfect apple pie!

After laying in the cake pan the base of pastry of your apple tart add on the surface the crumbled Amaretti.

The Amaretti will absorb the moisture of the apples keeping the pastry dry and giving the tart a truly unique taste!

Add the month, season with cinnamon and cover the cake with the remaining pastry.

Bake the cake and let it cool before serving!


TIPS #2 – Home-snack as in pastry!


Turn the Frolle with butter into an original dessert with this tasty advice by Anna.

Just fill two Frolle with your favourite ice cream, then roll one half in the nuts (or what your creativity suggests) and dip the other half in the melted chocolate.

Store in the freezer on a plate covered with baking paper until the time of service!


TIPS #3 – Tiramisù like a chef


How to soak the Savoiardi (Ladyfingers) for Tiramisù and spoon desserts as a real chef? As Valentina teaches us, the wet makes the difference, too wet it crumbles, too little it dries.

Immerse each ladyfinger only on the smooth side for two seconds; then place the ladyfingers in the baking dish on the dry side, without overlapping.


TIPS #4 – Zero-Waste sweet truffles


How to use millefeuille fragments and biscuit crumbs? Here is the trick of Cristina to get delicious truffles, great to serve with coffee.

Melt the dark chocolate and add the hazelnut butter, stirring well. Pour into the same bowl all the crumbs and knead using your hands. Then get balls to roll in the coconut or grain of your choice!