Our history

A story to tell


There are stories we like to hear and tell. First of all, ours. First bakery of Bonomi’s family opened in mid 1800s in the mountain village of Velo in the Province of Verona. It started as a simpletraditional village bakery where our grandmas went: it produced only bread.

The hard work of our family put together old and traditional productive methods, typical of local pastrytradition, with moderntechnology. Forno Bonomi is a modern and global company. We are the first global company of Ladyfinger production and we sell our products Worldwide.

We like to think we keep company to familiesin their everyday life: breakfast, mid-morning snack with a hot coffee, after lunch treat to sweeten the day, 5 o’clock tea.

Our flavorsare traditional, made with good ingredients: we committed to keep them like they they were homemade. We have always used excellent butter, that smells like milk and genuine. The result of this commitment accompanied a lot of children that now are adults, but they still smile when they see our Puff Pastries on the shelf in the supermarket.