Fruit cream Tart


Last minute guests, a dinner to cook, the house to clean: and the dessert? A simple recipe in everything: from ingredients to execution, Fruit Cream Tart is a versatile dessert because the base is always the same but it can be decorated and enriched in a lot of new ways. Fresh fruit, chocolate, amaretti, you just have to unleash your fantasy. Today’s version is with fresh fruit.



Bonomi Sponge Cake Layers

200 g

Liquid cream

200 g


50 g

Powdered sugar


Vanilla pod

To taste

Fresh fruit

Recipe Procedure


Prepare the syrup boiling water with lemon zest. When it’ll be infused enough according to your taste, turn off the heat and let it cool.


In the meantime pour the cream in a bowl with vanilla bean and start beat it adding gradually powdered sugar. When the cream will be firm enough, add gradually mascarpone with slow movements from bottom to top to avoid cream collapsing.


Put the cream-mascarpone mix in a sac-a-poche with a smooth 10 mm point. Now compose the dessert: wet the sponge cake with the syrup, distribute the cream and compose the layers.


Play with decorations and enjoy!